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CIS solar technology does not employ silicon, and the material used is only 1/200th of the thickness of crystalline silicon solar cells. We have more than 40 years of experience in adapting crystal growth in electrodeposition manufacturing technique. Our process doesn’t require high vacuum and high temperature. Hence we can manufacture solar cells much faster. On top of that, we can deposit solar cells in different substrate material. It allows us to make flexible and rigid solar cells using the same set up. Our technology is completely modular and scalable. We can make solar cells custom to the voltage and amperage as required by different applications.

Head Office Location Canada
Address 3500 Matte Blvd., Local 230 Brossard Qu├ębec Canada J4Y 2Z2
Telephone +1 (450) 659 1053
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Name CIS Solar
Position title Manager
Telephone +1 (450) 659 1053

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