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eOsphere is strongly focused on solving real remote sensing problems for a range of customers and end users.

Key application areas include the provision of affordable ground receiving stations and the use of advanced Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) techniques for sea ice monitoring, ship detection and the detection of targets through foliage.

The eOsphere ground station receives and processes data from EOS Terra, Aqua MODIS, NPP and NPOESS satellites.

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Head Office Location United Kingdom
Address Satellite Applications Catapult (R103) Harwell Space Cluster, Fermi Avenue OX11 0QR, UK
Telephone +44 (0) 1488 669 833
Main area of activities
  • Consultancy (studies / analyses which are not VA services and other support activities)
  • Downstream / GIS services (main business not in EO but using satellite data)
  • Hardware/software
  • Value adding services (company uses satellite data to generate products)
Name Walker, Nick
Position title Company Director
Telephone +44 (0) 1488 669 833
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EOservice Description Service Type Market
The eOsphere Ground Station

The eOsphere Ground Station is a turnkey solution designed for users who want to receive and proc…

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Detect and monitor arid areas Assess damage from earthquakes Forecast and map large waves Detect and monitor wildfires Map and assess Flooding Forecast and assess landslides Detect and monitor hurricanes, typhoons Monitor Snow Cover Assess and monitor volcanic activity
  • Emergency Services

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