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GAF is proud to be one of the world`s leading companies in the geo-spatial market. We are a one-stop shop for geoinformation. We deliver our products and services in a large number of consulting domains. We are focused on quality, technical excellence and customer satisfaction.

What is our business?

Geo-data, technology, solutions, products
We offer a comprehensive end-to-end service portfolio: earth observation data, geo-products, integrating space technologies (satellite communication, earth observation and positioning) into real world applications. Software and systems, technology consulting and institutional strengthening. We are keeping pace with the accelerating technological developments in our professional lives for your benefit.

Development, sustainability, compliance

We work in the fields of natural resources and raw materials, environment and water, forestry and agriculture, infrastructure and emergency management. We provide sustainable solutions in resources management, inventories, monitoring and planning – based on sound management practice, involving leading experts and know-how transfer expertise. Ready to serve you from our home base, in your office, and in the field.

What makes us special?

We understand the challenges of the consulting world and can match with sound, appropriate technical solutions that support governmental, administrative, and industrial processes – and all this with a global view. Besides our home markets in Germany and Europe, GAF is internationally active – having a successful track record of more than 1000 projects in 100 countries worldwide. We work for industry and private sector, for international institutions and development banks, national authorities and clients.

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Head Office Location Germany
Address Arnulfstrasse 199, 80634 Muenchen
Telephone +49 89-1215280
Main area of activities
  • Consultancy (studies / analyses which are not VA services and other support activities)
  • Data reseller (satellite or other data from third party sources)
  • Downstream / GIS services (main business not in EO but using satellite data)
  • Hardware/software
  • Value adding services (company uses satellite data to generate products)
Name Miller, Daniela
Position title Marketing
Telephone 0049891215280
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EOservice Description Service Type Market
Agriculture & Food Production

Best-in-class service.
For governments, agencies, farmers, insurance sector and the food industry.

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Assess environmental impact of farming Assessing crop damage due to storms Monitor crop disease and stress Assess crop acreage and yield. Harvest Monitor specific crops types Forecast crop yields Detect and monitor arid areas Detect illegal or undesired crops Monitor water use on crops and horticulture Measure land use statistics Monitor high risk areas Measure soil water index
  • Enviroment, Pollution and Climate
  • Agriculture
  • Real-estate management
  • Emergency Services
  • Education, training and research
Defence and Security

Sensitive tasks or time-critical missions: GAF is your competent partner

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Monitor land and sea border incursions Forecasting epidemics and diseases Detect sensitive security risks Monitor economic activity Monitor movement of people Assess pressures on populations, migration Monitor high risk areas Detect ships in critical areas Monitor transport routes
  • Security, Defence and military
Environment and Water Management

• Mapping and monitoring of natural resources
• On-site field data and calibration…

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Monitor water bodies
  • Emergency Services

Our mission: From space down to the Earth – the sustainable management of forest ecosystems

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Assess changes in the carbon balance Assess Deforestation / Degradation Detect and monitor wildfires Assess forest types Monitor forest resources Detect illegal forest activities Assess environmental impact of forestry Monitor forest carbon content Monitor forest diversity Assessing forest damage due to storms or insects
  • Forestry

With more than a decade of experience in GIS-based geological and mineral information systems, we…

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Assess environmental impact of human activities Map geological features Measure ground motion Detect & monitor land movement, uplift, subsidence, heave. Measure land use statistics Monitor Mineral extraction Monitor of land pollution
  • Minerals and Mining
Infrastructure and Mobility

Portfolio – selected highlights:
• Baseline studies and inventories
• Infrastructure mapping …

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Monitor construction and buildings
  • Communications
Land Management

• Institutional assessment and advice
• Land administration and land information sy…

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Monitor forest diversity
  • Forestry
Mining, Oil & Gas

• Legal and regulatory consulting
• Institutional strengthening and capacity build…

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Assess environmental impact of human activities Map geological features Measure ground motion Detect & monitor land movement, uplift, subsidence, heave. Measure land use statistics Monitor Mineral extraction Monitor of land pollution
  • Minerals and Mining
Rush 24/7 Data Access

Rush tasking and archive delivery options from the various providers might be sufficient for many…

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Assess damage from industrial accidents Detect and monitor arid areas Assess damage from earthquakes Forecast and map large waves Detect and monitor wildfires Map and assess Flooding Forecast and assess landslides Detect and monitor hurricanes and typhoons Monitor water bodies Detect and monitor hurricanes, typhoons Monitor Snow Cover Assess and monitor volcanic activity
  • Emergency Services