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Geographike s.r.l. Flag from IT

Geographike is a geospatial consultancy boasting more than 20 years experience in the fields of remote sensing and GIS.
Our services and solutions are grounded on a solid backgorund in:

  • spatial data collection,
  • satellite and aerial image interpretation,
  • spatial analysis and geoprocessing,
  • dissemination of geographic information over the Internet,
  • mobileGIS and Location Based Services,
  • participatory GIS and crowdsourcing.

Parallel to our core activities we offer dedicated training and a high quality support for research projects.

Head Office Location Italy
Address Via Sansedoni 7, 53100 Siena, Italy
Telephone +39 0577 588408
Main area of activities
  • Consultancy (studies / analyses which are not VA services and other support activities)
  • Downstream / GIS services (main business not in EO but using satellite data)
Name Bocci, Michele
Position title Manager
Telephone +39 0577 588408
EOservice Description Service Type Market
Land Use/Land Cover & Change Mapping

Geographic Coverage : Global

Market Sectors: Forestry Management, Regional Planning & Urban Ma…

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Assess land value, ownership, type, use, etc Measure land use statistics Assess changes to urban and rural areas
  • Retail and geo-marketing
  • Construction
  • Enviroment, Pollution and Climate
  • Agriculture
  • Minerals and Mining
  • Local and regional planners
  • Transport

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