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Hatfield Consultants is a trusted advisor to government, private sector, and non-government clients on the appropriate development and use of remote sensing technology for environmental monitoring and management around the world. We support international space agencies, international finance institutions, and major oil and gas and mining companies with scientific and strategic consulting in remote sensing.

Building on decades of experience with optical and radar imagery, Hatfield Consultants can deliver timely base mapping and monitoring to meet your project needs, including for disaster and emergency response. All our base satellite image products are delivered ready for seamless integration into your information systems and planning tools.

Hatfield’s Land Monitoring solution is a web-based platform that delivers standardised monitoring products and change detection services to support and enhance your environmental and social management system.

Hatfield also brings more than 15 years of experience in operational use of optical and radar image processing to deliver robust products in a range of areas: land cover and land cover change, vegetation stress and degradation, vegetation and forest type, flood extent, wetland extent and type, land use, linear disturbance features, pipeline corridor status, topography and terrain, and hydrological networks and catchment areas.

Head Office Location Canada
Address #200 - 850 Harbourside Drive North Vancouver, BC, CANADA V7P 0A3
Telephone + 1 6049263261
Main area of activities
  • Consultancy (studies / analyses which are not VA services and other support activities)
  • Data reseller (satellite or other data from third party sources)
  • Downstream / GIS services (main business not in EO but using satellite data)
  • Hardware/software
  • Value adding services (company uses satellite data to generate products)
EOservice Description Service Type Market
Forest and land cover

Land cover and land cover change mapping, including vegetation and forest type and tree cover den…

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Assess changes in the carbon balance Assess Deforestation / Degradation Detect and monitor wildfires Assess forest types Monitor forest resources Detect illegal forest activities Assess environmental impact of forestry Monitor forest carbon content Monitor forest diversity Assessing forest damage due to storms or insects
  • Forestry
Land Monitoring

Land Monitoring helps resource developers manage environmental and social risks throughout the li…

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Assess environmental impact of human activities Measure land use statistics
  • Construction
  • Agriculture
  • Enviroment, Pollution and Climate
Land use

A range of land use services, including urban and settlement map, building inventory and footprin…

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Measure land use statistics Monitor forest diversity Monitor urban development
  • Agriculture
  • Minerals and Mining
  • Transport
  • Forestry
  • Local and regional planners

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