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OHB-System AG Flag from DE

OHB System AG is a mid-size German space technology company and a subsidiary of the OHB Group. OHB System AG specializes in low-orbit and geostationary small satellites for scientific research, communications and earth observation, leading-edge technologies for manned space flight, models and studies for exploring our solar system as well as reconnaissance satellites and instruments for broadband wireless transmission of reconnaissance image data for greater security and reconnaissance. Major Highlights in the field of Earth observation are: Development of the Data Handling for SCIAMACHI (ENVISAT) [ESA funded], Development of a high resolution multispectral camera system (MSRS) [EC funded], Component contributions to GRACE, CHAMP, KOMPSAT II, Prime contractor for the 5 satellite reconnaissance system SAR-Lupe [BWB], Actual involvement on several levels within the ESA GMES studies, Creation of the BREMEN GMES Office.

Head Office Location Germany
Address Universit├Ątsallee 27-29, 28359 Bremen, Germany
Telephone +49 421 20 20 8
Main area of activities
  • Hardware/software
Name Kassebom, Martin
Position title Manager
Telephone +49 421 20 20 8

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