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SpaceAnalyzer is an innovative remote sensing company, located in Tallinn, Estonia. Our focus and goal is to deliver high volume, up to date, and legacy processed and advanced Earth Observation products, in order to enable the “ease of access” to our users. The SpaceAnalyzer team is composed of highly educated and experienced professionals and researchers in the fields of remote sensing, computer science and cloud computing.

Our first product is called Spaceye and is a cloud based platform, which provides multitemporal and global access to advanced remote sensing products usable in various thematic areas, like Agriculture, Marine and Coastal Monitoring, Natural Hazards and much more.

Our customer can benefit from our expertise in remote sensing algorithm design in order to develop their own custom advanced Earth Observation applications specially designed to their needs.

The Spaceye platform gives easy access to advanced global timely temporal satellite product images and critical information.
Spaceye delivers you GIS ready processed satellite images and thematic maps.

Head Office Location Estonia
Address Narva mnt 5, 10117 Tallinn, Estonia
Main area of activities
  • Consultancy (studies / analyses which are not VA services and other support activities)
  • Hardware/software
  • Value adding services (company uses satellite data to generate products)
Name Sykas, Dimitris
Position title Director
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EOservice Description Service Type Market

Spaceye is our online platform that provides timely and global access to advanced remote sensing …

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Assess environmental impact of farming Monitor quality / producivity Monitor pollution in rivers and lakes Assessing crop damage due to storms Monitor crop disease and stress Assess crop acreage and yield. Harvest Monitor specific crops types Forecast crop yields Forecasting epidemics and diseases Assess Deforestation / Degradation Assess environmental impact of human activities Detect and monitor wildfires Map and assess Flooding Assess forest types Monitor forest resources Map geological features Detect changes in glaciers Detect illegal or undesired crops Monitor water use on crops and horticulture Assess changes in land use and quality Measure land use statistics Assess environmental impact of forestry Monitor water bodies Detect and monitor oil slicks Detect and monitor ice risk at sea Monitor Snow Cover Measure soil water index Monitor pollution at sea Assess and monitor water quality
  • Agriculture
  • Real-estate management
  • Maritime
  • Utilities
  • Travel, Tourism and Leisure
  • Enviroment, Pollution and Climate
  • Security, Defence and military
  • Forestry
  • Minerals and Mining
  • Emergency Services
  • Insurance and Finance
  • News and Media
  • Transport
  • Oil and gas