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Walphot S.A. Flag from BE

Walphot proposes products and services in the area of geomatics since more than 30 years. Walphot is qualified for the whole production line of geographic data from the capture of the information (spaceborne or airborne) to the delivery of specific products (maps, reports,…) or integrated services (Geographic Information Systems). Walphot already participated in the 80ís to the first large project using satellite data (CORINE-program). This went on in the 90ís with land-use and land-cover maps of the Walloon Region (Belgium) and recently participation in the GMES-program. With a team of 30 experienced and motivated professionals, Walphot permanently innovates by participating in different research programs in cooperation with different universities or public institutions.With the aim of proposing an increased service, Walphot has developed a quality program which has been recognised by an ISO certification issued by Lloydís (ISO 9001:2000).

Head Office Location Belgium
Address Rue Van Opré 97 - 5100, Namur, Belgium
Telephone +32 81 302401
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