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West Consulting BV is an IT company that specialises in the realisation of very demanding and business-critical IT systems. West is professional, flexible and reliable. We deliver customised services, on time and within budget. West makes complexity manageable.

We focus on the development of software systems, web enablement and the integration of systems, secure managed hosting, and IT consultancy services.

Since 1985 we have built up a stable and satisfied client base, which includes many prominent companies.

We follow technological developments very closely and we make sure that our employees familiarise themselves with these quickly. Therefore, West has an enormous amount of knowledge and experience to offer. You can rest assured that we will choose the best possible solution for your specific problem.

Head Office Location Netherlands
Address Delftechpark 5, Delft
Telephone +31 15 219 1600
Main area of activities
Name Westermann, R
Position title Manager
Telephone +31 15 219 1600

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