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Research spinoff rasdaman GmbH (“raster data manager”) has been established for giving commercial support to the rasdaman Array Database technology, the next generation in scalable data services for science, engineering, and beyond. It provides agile analytics on massive multidimensional arrays, such as regular and irregular spatio-temporal grids. Its patented architecture is rigorously designed for performance and scalability, Existing databases exceed 100s of Terabytes and are going Petabyt…

Last update: Wednesday 11 January, 2017

The uniqueness of Reach-U comes from the ability to create custom made solutions to meet the needs of every customer. With more than 20 years of experience we have gathered skills in location based solutions, GIS and cartography. Our unique background delivers everything needed for launching solutions that include software, data, maps and support.

We are creating world-leading solutions for different industries like energy, forestry, security, smart cities, tourism and transport. Serving …

Last update: Wednesday 11 January, 2017

Since 1998, ReSAC applies Remote Sensing and GIS in decision making for agricultural and environmental management, land cover/land use, soil and forest inventory, water resources, environmental hazards, urban planning, infrastructure, participation in regional and international projects and cooperation. ReSAC maintains a qualified specialists covering a wide range of RS/GIS applications.
ReSAC offers services in the area of earth observation applications, GIS, orthophoto mapping as well as c…

Last update: Thursday 31 January, 2013

Remote Sensing Applications Consultants (RSAC) was established in 1986 to provide specialist services to developers and users of Earth observation. The company continues to develop expertise in the use of remotely sensed data and associated technologies for land applications, world-wide. In addition to image pre-processing and analysis, this expertise encompasses GIS, GPS, field data collection, software customisation and project support and management. RSAC applies operational computer-based…

Last update: Thursday 20 October, 2016

RSS Remote Sensing Solutions GmbH is since more than 10 years one of the leading value-adding companies in Germany for earth observation specialized in
- satellite image processing and interpretation,
- aerial image interpretation and photogrammetry,
- application development for geoinformation system (GIS) and
- digital cartography.
We help to realize your projects and provide custom-made, application oriented services and innovative solutions. Our customers are among municipal, na…

Last update: Monday 17 February, 2014

ReSe Applications Schläpfer is a small Swiss company focused on remote sensing data processing, and specifically on imaging spectroscopy. It was founded in 2000 as a spin-off from the Remote Sensing Laboratories (RSL) of the University of Zurich. The company is owned and run by Dr. Daniel Schläpfer. The major goal is the development and distribution of imaging spectroscopy and remote sensing software. The company expertise is in geometric and atmospheric modeling of radiation in optical remot…

Last update: Thursday 31 January, 2013

Rhea is an independent Space Engineering Consulting and Software company that offers knowledge-based services and innovative solutions to the space industry. Our technical expertise is coupled with the provision of software tools for both Space and Ground segments. Rhea has supported a wide range of space missions, including comet chasers, planetary and Moon missions, deep space astronomy experiments to understand the fundamental laws of physics, climate monitoring, meteorology, navigation an…

Last update: Monday 14 April, 2014

We offer software services and design, development, implementation and integration of web based projects, software applications and Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

Last update: Monday 27 April, 2015