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Our company is a spin off from the project “Establishment of Office for Aerospace Technologies for Crisis Management and Disaster response” – a joint project of the Bulgarian Space Research and Technologies Institute and the Bulgarian Centre (SRTI) for National Security and Defence Research. The main goals of the company are to support and promote the transfer and innovation of the aero space research and the technologies for Earth observation to the end users in the field of the protection o…

Last update: Thursday 20 October, 2016

Telespazio Ibérica belongs to Telespazio Group. Although it was originally focused on GeoInformation (Remote Sensing, Cartography production and GIS), it is currently developing its activities also in SatCom and SatNav fields. Telespazio Ibérica offers specific geospatial solutions to technology demanding markets like: Energy, Utilities, Telecommunications, Public administrations, Defense, Transport, Emergencies, etc.

Last update: Tuesday 21 November, 2017

VEGA is one of the leading names in the European Space sector, working with Space agencies, satellite operators and manufacturers worldwide. We support the full programme lifecycle to ensure that the design, development and operation of Space missions meet their programme goals.

Founded in 1978, VEGA employs over 400 highly qualified staff in the Space domain, working globally, from our companies in the UK, Germany, France and Spain. We provide expert consulting, technology development and…

Last update: Tuesday 22 April, 2014

Terradue Srl addresses the Earth Sciences research & education sector, with core competencies aimed at engineering distributed systems and Cloud services, providing consultancy for international organizations, and developing partners programs. Terradue expertise is focused in the provision of Earth Observation data and distributed computing platforms enabling the exploitation of distributed processing capabilities for developing and hosting Earth Observation services.

Last update: Thursday 19 May, 2016

TerraNIS is the world operator and distributor of Pixagri® et Oenoview® services, respectively in the agriculture and the wine-making sectors. Thanks to Pixagri® et Œnoview® and its partnership network Eugenius™, TerraNIS provides services to its customers in many fields of expertise like : Precision agriculture, precision viticulture, land management, environment monitoring, water management, risks prevention, or crisis management.

Last update: Monday 15 September, 2014

TerraScan is a Remote Sensing Services and Consulting company specialising in prediction of hydrocarbons and risk reduction using proprietary “gScan” technology.

gScan uses the radiation emitted by earth to detect reservoirs and geological faults in satellite imagery. This is refined by taking fingerprints of already discovered natural resources and integrated into the model. With doing so we can reach accuracies of up to 50 cm offset in the depth distribution of natural resources.


Last update: Tuesday 10 September, 2019

TERRASIGNA is a Romanian company delivering worldwide EO monitoring services and applications based on the analysis, processing and interpretation of different type of Earth Observation data. Its products and applications serve a wide pool of public and private national, European and international clients: national public authorities, space agencies, international financial institutions, private companies. The company offers innovative solutions for environmental monitoring and risk assessme…

Last update: Wednesday 29 November, 2017

​TerraSpatium SA (former Spot Infoterra Hellas SA) is a Greek SME company with more than 25 years of focused experience and wide range of capabilities in the fields of Geo- information; such as environmental and physical surface management, telecommunication, monitoring and management of utility networks, border control, national and regional planning, maritime monitoring, agriculture, defence and even management of natural resources exploitation (oil, natural gas).

Last update: Tuesday 06 February, 2018

European leader for satellite systems and at the forefront of orbital infrastructures, Thales Alenia Space is a joint venture between Thales (67%) and Finmeccanica (33%) and forms with Telespazio a Space Alliance. Thales Alenia Space is a worldwide reference in telecoms, radar and optical Earth observation, defense and security, navigation and science. Thales Alenia Space has 11 industrial sites in 4 European countries (France, Italy, Spain and Belgium ETCA & Antwerp) with over 7,200 employee…

Last update: Monday 06 February, 2017

Thetis spa is a highly innovative engineering and environmental services company. Thetis operates within the sphere of developing and managing projects and innovative technological applications within the environmental energy and territorial fields, civil engineering and works management, intelligent transport systems and knowledge systems.Thetis spa provides services to a wide range of local, national and international clients in different countries like, for example, China and India. It ope…

Last update: Wednesday 19 October, 2016

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TNO is a leading European non-profit contract research organisation with a 556 MEuro turnover in 2004. About 4,900 employees provide a broad portfolio with deliverables ranging from R&D towards high-end marketable products, services and applications. Innovative solutions are provided to client worldwide – small and large organisations in both the public and private sectors.

The core areas are:

TNO Quality of Life, TNO Defense, Security and Safety, TNO Science and Industry,…

Last update: Thursday 20 October, 2016

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Last update: Monday 01 May, 2017

TRE ALTAMIRA: World leader in displacement monitoring services with satellite radar data

TRE ALTAMIRA has operated over 15 years in satellite RADAR data processing services, ranging from measuring ground motion over entire countries to identifying individual structure displacement.

Measuring surface deformation provides an understanding of ground response to subsurface activity, both natural and anthropological
We offer tailored services whatever your requirement.
We provide ongoing …

Last update: Wednesday 04 January, 2017

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Last update: Thursday 20 October, 2016

TTI Production is an international consulting company in Earth Sciences, Satellite Mapping and GIS (Geographic Information Systems). TTI is a worldwide data & service provider, with references in more than 80 countries since 1994. TTI’s technical staff, which includes geologists, geomorphologists, geographers, foresters, computer scientists and image processing specialists, has made substantial contributions to the advancement of satellite mapping technology. TTI Production is authorized sell…

Last update: Tuesday 18 October, 2016