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Vexcel, a wholly-owned Microsoft subsidiary, leverages its position as a world leader in remote sensing technologies and services to provide a broad range of geospatial solutions and expertise. From radar sensors and data capture systems to advanced image processing and geospatial integration with Microsoft’s mapping, search and collaboration technologies, Vexcel is helping change the way people acquire, analyze, visualize and disseminate geospatial information. Vexcel provides end-to-end sys…

Last update: Thursday 31 January, 2013

VisioTerra is oriented towards Science Consulting for Earth Observation. This includes not only expert support, training and communication for EO programs, technical studies, software development of applications using virtual globes, scientific documentation editing, quality control assessment and reporting, instruments and products verification/control, new products and instruments specification and prototyping, audits, but also production of cartographic products to be ingested by GIS.

Last update: Monday 31 December, 2018

Vista GmbH is a value adding company working in the field of remote sensing applications in geosciences. The main application areas in which Vista is active are yield estimation of agricultural crops, modelling of evapotranspiration, runoff and ground water recharge, advanced land use classifications using GIS tools, observations of snow cover and water bodies, and precipitation and soil moisture observation for flood modelling and forecast.Research and development, consultancy as well as sof…

Last update: Sunday 16 February, 2014

Company description

VITO is an independent international research and service organisation in the area of land use, clean tech and sustainable development. VITO provides knowledge and technological innovations to facilitate the transition to a more sustainable society.

VITO Remote Sensing

VITO Remote Sensing is part of VITO and has more than 25 years of expertise in Earth Observation missions and technology, image processing, data dissemination, and application development, in…

Last update: Tuesday 21 January, 2020