Market types

  • Emergency Services
  • Insurance and Finance
  • Transport
  • Travel, Tourism and Leisure
  • Communications

Service types

  • Assess damage from industrial accidents (Emergency Services)
  • Map and assess Flooding (Emergency Services)
  • Map and assess Flooding (Insurance and Finance)
  • Map and assess Flooding (Transport)
  • Map and assess Flooding (Travel, Tourism and Leisure)
  • Map line of sight visibility (land surface assessment for man-made structures) (Communications)

Last update: Thu 7 Dec, 2017

3Di is a new versatile water management instrument that supports operational water management, calamity management and spatial planning design. The 3Di instrument is based on detailed hydraulic computations. The computations are extremely fast and therefore allow for interactive modelling on a touch-table and iPad. The 3Di user interface enables decision makers and civilians to visualise the impact of the proposed measures in various climate scenarios.

Geographical Service Coverage

Asia, Europe, Oceania

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