Market types

  • Forestry
  • Emergency Services
  • Enviroment, Pollution and Climate

Service types

  • Assess Deforestation / Degradation (Forestry)
  • Detect and monitor arid areas (Emergency Services)
  • Assess damage from earthquakes (Emergency Services)
  • Detect and monitor wildfires (Forestry)
  • Detect and monitor wildfires (Emergency Services)
  • Map and assess Flooding (Emergency Services)
  • Assess forest types (Forestry)
  • Monitor forest resources (Forestry)
  • Assess changes in land use and quality (Enviroment, Pollution and Climate)
  • Forecast and assess landslides (Emergency Services)
  • Monitor Snow Cover (Emergency Services)

Last update: Tue 31 Dec, 2013

Geographic Coverage : Global. Market Sectors: Emergency & Civil Security Management, Forestry Management. Service Links:

Geographical Service Coverage

Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe

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