Market types

  • Security, Defence and military

Service types

  • Monitor land and sea border incursions (Security, Defence and military)
  • Forecasting epidemics and diseases (Security, Defence and military)
  • Detect sensitive security risks (Security, Defence and military)
  • Monitor economic activity (Security, Defence and military)
  • Monitor movement of people (Security, Defence and military)
  • Assess pressures on populations, migration (Security, Defence and military)
  • Detect ships in critical areas (Security, Defence and military)
  • Monitor transport routes (Security, Defence and military)

Last update: Thu 9 Mar, 2017

The location information in space and time allows to deepen the understanding of phenomena and their impacts.
Geospatial analysis offers many perspectives in the management and operation of our customer’s information.

Geo4i puts its expertise at your service to enhance the information you need to optimize your projects :

- Realization of «carto-centered» product
- Studies vulnerabilities
- Route analysis, feasibility
- 2D, 3D spatial analysis
- Image and geographic data management
- Decision support products
- Products on order (contact us)

Geographical Service Coverage

Africa, Americas, Anctartica, Asia, Europe, Oceania

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