identify and characterize the optimal sites for the installation of wind turbines

by Planetek Italia srl

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  • Alternative Energy

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  • Forecast and monitor ocean winds and waves (Alternative Energy)
  • Map hydroelectric and wind farms (Alternative Energy)
  • Map and monitor of wind energy (wind farms) (Alternative Energy)

Last update: Mon 20 Nov, 2017

One of the most critical aspects in the feasibility study of an on-shore / off-shore wind farm is the identification of the optimal site, through the preliminary analysis of the local wind regimes (wind reanalysis).

Preciso® wind is a wind reanalysis service developed to identify and characterize the optimal sites for the installation of wind turbines, through wind modelling and reconstruction and without the need for long and expensive wind measurement campaigns.

The activation of the Preciso® Wind service is very simple. The user must provide the coordinates of the sites chosen as potential location of a wind plant. After that, he can request a preliminary or producibility analysis.

The preliminary analysis contains an estimation of the mean annual wind speed (m/s), at fixed heights from the ground. This analysis verifies also the presence of environmental restrictions in the area of interest, due for example to the presence of natural areas protected by the current laws.

The producibility analysis offers the users also an estimate of the wind energy which can be theoretically produced in the site of interest. The wind data temporal series are converted in the produced energy using the power curves of one or more turbines, possibly supplied by the user. In this way, it is possible to evaluate the differences in performances between various turbine models and to analyze the obtained results at various heights, thus giving the user the possibility to choose the best investment. The results of the wind analysis are produced and delivered in few working days.

The Wind Atlas
Take a look at the wind data available for your choosen area (only Italy) and download the pdf report.

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