Market types

  • Agriculture
  • Security, Defence and military
  • Communications
  • Utilities

Service types

  • Assess environmental impact of farming (Agriculture)
  • Monitor land and sea border incursions (Security, Defence and military)
  • Monitor specific crops types (Agriculture)
  • Detect sensitive security risks (Security, Defence and military)
  • Detect illegal or undesired crops (Agriculture)
  • Monitor high risk areas (Security, Defence and military)
  • Assess changes to urban and rural areas (Communications)
  • Assess changes to urban and rural areas (Utilities)

Last update: Thu 30 Nov, 2017

PlanetObserver has developed advanced technological expertise in imagery processing for the past 30 years. Our team of skilled engineers and technicians produce seamless natural colour imagery mosaics based on Sentinel-2 and Landsat 8 source data. We also process any imagery source according to customers’ specifications.

Geographical Service Coverage

Africa, Americas, Anctartica, Asia, Europe, Oceania