Market types

  • Alternative Energy
  • Forestry
  • Construction
  • Enviroment, Pollution and Climate

Service types

  • Assess changes in the carbon balance (Alternative Energy)
  • Assess changes in the carbon balance (Forestry)
  • Assess Deforestation / Degradation (Forestry)
  • Assess environmental impact of human activities (Construction)
  • Assess forest types (Forestry)
  • Monitor forest resources (Forestry)
  • Detect illegal forest activities (Forestry)
  • Assess changes in land use and quality (Enviroment, Pollution and Climate)
  • Measure land use statistics (Construction)
  • Assess environmental impact of forestry (Forestry)

Last update: Thu 4 Sep, 2014

BlackBridge’s remote sensing solutions in forestry range from supporting carbon credit trading to customized alert services on forest health. Drawing on the experience of our forestry experts, BlackBridge has developed a series of products and services specifically designed to meet the information requirements of individual foresters, private and governmental forest managers, and international institutions.

By combining image-derived insight with a variety of other geospatial data sources, we offer unique information solutions that give foresters greater insight into what is occurring, or about to occur, in the tree stands for which they are responsible

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