Market types

  • Emergency Services
  • Insurance and Finance
  • News and Media

Service types

  • Forecast and assess landslides (Emergency Services)
  • Forecast and assess landslides (Insurance and Finance)
  • Forecast and assess landslides (News and Media)

Last update: Thu 13 Feb, 2014

MORFEO (Landslide Monitoring and Risk with Earth Observation data) is a project funded by Italian Space Agency (ASI) whose objective is to study an information service based on Earth Observation data and Permanent Scatterers (PS) technique, to prevent and manage landslides risks.
MORFEO realizes and demonstrates a prototype decision support system that assists the Civil Protection Department both to take decision about landslide hazard and prevision and to reduce hydro geological hazards. The system is based on EO technology (ERS, Envisat and COSMO SkyMED data) combined with existing thematic, surface and subsurface data and information obtained from ground-based monitoring networks.

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