Market types

  • Utilities
  • Education, training and research
  • Real-estate management
  • Security, Defence and military
  • Retail and geo-marketing

Service types

  • Assess environmental impact of human activities (Utilities)
  • Map geological features (Education, training and research)
  • Monitor high risk areas (Education, training and research)
  • Monitor high risk areas (Real-estate management)
  • Monitor high risk areas (Security, Defence and military)
  • Map urban areas (Retail and geo-marketing)

Last update: Thu 4 Sep, 2014

RapidEye Mosaics are produced by combining multiple RapidEye satellite images to cover an entire region or country with minimal cloud-cover.

RapidEye Mosaics are created by combining images from our vast and rapidly expanding archive. Each image included in a RapidEye Mosaic is geometrically aligned and orthorectifed using highly-accurate ground control. The image is then uniformly color-balanced to guarantee a high-quality, natural-color image, produced using native red, green, and blue bands. The finished RapidEye Mosaic is conveniently formatted into a ready-to-use product, in a standard file format that is GIS-ready and requires no further processing.

Geographical Service Coverage

Africa, Americas, Anctartica, Asia, Europe