Market types

  • Insurance and Finance
  • Construction
  • Minerals and Mining
  • Utilities
  • Transport
  • Emergency Services

Service types

  • Monitor construction and buildings (Insurance and Finance)
  • Assess damage from industrial accidents (Construction)
  • Assess environmental impact of human activities (Minerals and Mining)
  • Assess environmental impact of human activities (Utilities)
  • Assess environmental impact of human activities (Construction)
  • Assess environmental impact of human activities (Transport)
  • Map and assess Flooding (Insurance and Finance)
  • Map and assess Flooding (Construction)
  • Map and assess Flooding (Transport)
  • Map geological features (Minerals and Mining)
  • Measure ground motion (Construction)
  • Measure ground motion (Minerals and Mining)
  • Detect & monitor land movement, uplift, subsidence, heave. (Minerals and Mining)
  • Detect & monitor land movement, uplift, subsidence, heave. (Insurance and Finance)
  • Detect & monitor land movement, uplift, subsidence, heave. (Construction)
  • Detect & monitor land movement, uplift, subsidence, heave. (Transport)
  • Forecast and assess landslides (Emergency Services)
  • Forecast and assess landslides (Insurance and Finance)
  • Measure land use statistics (Construction)
  • Measure land use statistics (Minerals and Mining)
  • Measure land use statistics (Transport)
  • Monitor Mineral extraction (Minerals and Mining)
  • Assess changes to urban and rural areas (Transport)
  • Assess changes to urban and rural areas (Utilities)
  • Map line of sight visibility (land surface assessment for man-made structures) (Utilities)

Last update: Mon 20 Nov, 2017

Automatic cloud-based monitoring for infrastructures and buildings.

Monitoring is essential to assessing and predicting landslides or ground structural weaknesses, which could affect buildings or infrastructures.
To get accurate information over areas subject to subsidence or slow moving landslides, in order to anticipate potential risks, is fundamental for organizations and professionals working in civil protection, master plan management and insurance.

Rheticus®Displacement is an automatic cloud-based geoinformation service designed to deliver fresh and accurate satellite-based data and information for the monitoring of ground surface movements.

The service provides continuous monitoring of areas subject to:
- landslides,
- natural- and/or human-induced subsidence in urban and suburban areas,
- stability of infrastructures (e.g. dams, bridges, buildings, road and railway networks, pipelines, electric towers, solar and wind farms, and so forth).

Using European Copernicus Sentinel-1 open data or COSMO-SkyMed data images and Persistent Scatterers techniques, the service is complementary to traditional survey methods, providing a long-term solution to ground instability monitoring.

Rheticus®Displacement provides detailed information on:
- Check of slope stability due to slow landslides movements;
- Analysis of the presence of phenomena of instability in the preliminary and the final phase of the planning of works and infrastructures;
- Monitoring the impact of the works and infrastructures construction on the slope stability;
- Check of the results of the interventions of slope stabilization.

Who is it for?
- Governmental Institutions in charge of urban planning and land monitoring, infrastructure monitoring, civil protection in case of landslides and/or subsidence phenomena, and so forth;
- Utility Providers (e.g. Water and Sewage Utilities, Transportation Utilities);
- Stakeholders within Oil&Gas, Electric Power, Renewable Energy, Mining, and Construction Industries as well as within Engineering, Insurance, Business-to-Customer, Real Estate, Stock Exchange sectors;
- Scientific Communities and NGOs.

Timely identification of subsidence phenomena and landslides, optimization of on site monitoring activities, planning of emergency maintenance interventions.

Key Benefits
- Timely information is provided automatically at affordable prices
- Maps, reports and indices are actionable and available 24/7 from different platforms and devices
- Saves time and resources normally dedicated to data search and processing and information production
- Data and results are standardized and comparable over time

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Geographical Service Coverage

Africa, Americas, Anctartica, Asia, Europe, Oceania