Market types

  • Maritime
  • Fisheries
  • Local and regional planners
  • Enviroment, Pollution and Climate
  • Utilities

Service types

  • Monitor quality / producivity (Maritime)
  • Map fish shoals (Fisheries)
  • Monitor coastal ecosystem (Local and regional planners)
  • Monitor coastal ecosystem (Enviroment, Pollution and Climate)
  • Assess and monitor coastal water quality (Enviroment, Pollution and Climate)
  • Monitor water bodies (Local and regional planners)
  • Monitor pollution at sea (Maritime)
  • Assess and monitor water quality (Utilities)

Last update: Mon 20 Nov, 2017

Automatic cloud-based geo-information service for the continuous monitoring of coastal seawater quality and marine resources.

The protection of coasts and sea waters is one of the big pillars for the European Union. The EU has made big efforts defining common rules in Europe (e.g. Marine Strategy Framework Directive; Water Framework Directive; Common Fisheries Policy) and making huge investments in programs such as Copernicus to monitor the status of the environment and give tools to decision makers.
The sustainable management of coastal and marine environment involves, both EU Member States, with their local and regional governments, which are required to monitor and report the state of the environment, and private organizations, which uses the marine resources for their business.

Rheticus® Marine is an automatic cloud-based geo-information service designed to deliver fresh and accurate satellite-based data and information for the monitoring of coastal seawater quality and marine resources.

Who is it for?
- National and Regional Governmental Institutions in charge of environmental monitoring and reporting;
- Policy and Decision Makers, from international to local level;
- Stakeholders (e.g. industries involved in offshore drilling, wind plants, wastewater services, desalination, fishery and aquaculture, tourism and recreational activities, etc.);
- Conservation groups.

Users of the service are National and local public administrations as regions, fishing companies, aquaculture and plants operating near the coast (desalination, waste water treatments, etc.).

Applications and monitoring purposes:
- Coastal water quality
- Reporting for the EU Marine Strategy
- Level of water productivity
- Algal bloom monitoring

By using satellite open data – such as the ones from AQUA/MODIS, Sentinel-2 and Sentinel-3 missions –, Rheticus® Marine is able to provide information compliant with the indicators required by the EU Water and Marine Strategy Directives.

The service includes a periodic (up to daily) update with monthly, quarterly and annual summary reports.

Features and benefits
- Timely information is provided automatically at affordable prices
- Maps, reports and indices are focused and actionable, and accessible 24/7 from different platforms and devices
- Reports and contents meet the requirements of national and/or regional authorities in the field of marine environment policy (i.e. EU Marine Strategy Framework Directive, EU Water Framework Directive, UN Integrated Monitoring and Assessment Programme, etc.).
- Saves time and resources normally dedicated to data search and processing and information production
- Data and results are standardized and comparable over time
- Best cost/performance ratio thanks to open data, processing automation, and a cloud-based architecture, regardless the extension of AoI.
- Overwhelming of in situ monitoring issues, efforts and costs.
- Helpful to anticipate risky situations and harmful events.

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Geographical Service Coverage

Africa, Americas, Anctartica, Asia, Europe, Oceania