Satellite-based monitoring of oil and gas operations

by GMV Aerospace and Defence

Market types

  • Communications
  • Oil and gas
  • Transport
  • Minerals and Mining
  • News and Media
  • Security, Defence and military
  • Maritime
  • Enviroment, Pollution and Climate
  • Fisheries
  • Local and regional planners

Service types

  • Monitor construction and buildings (Communications)
  • Map water depth (Oil and gas)
  • Assess environmental impact of human activities (Transport)
  • Assess environmental impact of human activities (Minerals and Mining)
  • Forecast and map large waves (Oil and gas)
  • Monitor wave exposure (Oil and gas)
  • Monitor oil rig flares (Oil and gas)
  • Map geological features (Oil and gas)
  • Detect sensitive security risks (News and Media)
  • Detect sensitive security risks (Security, Defence and military)
  • Measure ground motion (Oil and gas)
  • Detect & monitor land movement, uplift, subsidence, heave. (Oil and gas)
  • Measure land use statistics (Minerals and Mining)
  • Assess and monitor coastal water quality (Oil and gas)
  • Forecast and monitor ocean winds and waves (Oil and gas)
  • Detect natural oil seepage (Oil and gas)
  • Detect and monitor oil slicks (Maritime)
  • Detect and monitor oil slicks (Enviroment, Pollution and Climate)
  • Detect and monitor oil slicks (Oil and gas)
  • Detect and monitor oil slicks/pollution (Fisheries)
  • Monitor high risk areas (Local and regional planners)
  • Monitor high risk areas (News and Media)
  • Monitor high risk areas (Security, Defence and military)
  • Detect and monitor ice risk at sea (Oil and gas)
  • Assess dredging operation impacts (Oil and gas)
  • Map seismic survey operations (Oil and gas)
  • Forecast and monitor ocean movement and drift (Oil and gas)

Last update: Sun 3 Dec, 2017

Our service combines VHR and HR satellite data and can be replicated to a variety of situations.
Our EO-based solution strives to:
1-Detect monthly changes in the exclusion buffer (200m) of the gas mains, due to:
Oil spils, and
Encroachment, due to construction works of other operators
2-Monitor infrastructure integrity and environmental affections for correction and remediation.

The monthly product informs of the following changes, found within the 100m buffer of the client’s infrastructure
-Inventory of each man-made land change with side comments
-Inventory of each oil pollution change with side comments
- Map of the land condition at the given date
- Map of land changes detected between the present and the previous date
- Map of cumulative oil effects
- Statistics of the areas affected by changes.
The end client is provided with:
a) A list of each and every change detected with correspondent x, y coordinates
b) A printable map report of each and every change detected monthly, with a level of confidence
c) Digital cartographic information of changes through WMS and GDB.
Delivery takes about a working week upon image reception, under non-rush conditions.
Results are validated on the ground by the end client and corrections ingested in the next iteration.
- Support to general decision making
- Monitoring
Extractive operations
- Environmental affections
- Encroachment by construction
- Changes
Centralised info
- Accesible info
- Graphic evidence
- Categories descriptions
- Field data
- Metadata
- Cost Savings
- Replicability
- Comprehensiveness

Geographical Service Coverage

Africa, Asia

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