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AEROGRID extends WMS aerial orthophoto service Europe-wide

AeroGRID Ltd (England) operates a geo-imagery wms and tiling web-server that now has available over 4 million km² of orthorectified imagery from 12.5cm to 50cm resolution covering most of Europe all produced by professional photogrammetry organisations both government and private. The data is accessed through a high performance web server system in any required projection.

Service provider: AeroGRID Ltd
User/Customer: ISPRA
EOservice: Web Mapping Service
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Source: AeroGRID

WMS is the standard protocol for streaming georeferenced map imagery over the Internet to web based applications, GIS and CAD software. As WMS feeds only load the imagery that a user needs to see, it is a very convenient and cost-efficient way for clients to access very high resolution imagery.

With the European market gradually integrating, more and more organisations need to access data from all over the continent.

Although satellite imagery has been available world-wide since the beginning it is only recently that such solutions are becoming available for aerial photography. AeroGRID is the most extensive European solution available covering not only Western Europe but also Scandinavia, Central and Eastern Europe.

The imagery is accompanied by comprehensive metadata including a statement of accuracy upon which users can confidently base their projects. As the data is produced by professional photogrammetry organisations accuracies are generally higher and the orthophotos often of higher resolution than rival products.

As a result the service is used by mapping organisations, utilities and network planners and other branches of professionals.

The European Joint research Centre in ISPRA has recently conducted tests whose results will shortly be published. The Project Manager stated that they found the service very useful.