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Metria City Modeler

Metria City Modeler uses VHR satellite data to map buildings and to produce Digital surface and elevation models. It produces 3D citymodels.

Service provider: Metria AB
User/Customer: Security & Safety Institutions
EOservice: City Modeler
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Source: Metria

The needs to produce 3D models emerged from the telecom market and the need to put anntenas at the most suitable areas. 3 D models are used to plan the telecom network.
Also other areas in the security domain benefit and have needs for detailed 3D models in planning and monitoring.

3D models may be produces using stereo image data (aerial or from satellites), but in many areas such data do not exist and may be difficult to get hold off, especially aerial photos. Metria city Modeler uses VHR satellite data to produce the 3D models and may use VHR data from different sensors togehter.
Metria City modeler is a service producing 3D models globally using an own software specially developed to map in 3D.

EO data may be supplied globally and several data providers offer VHR satellite data suitable for 3D mapping. It is in short time possible to derive 3D models anywhere in the world. The models may then be used for detailed planning or monitoring purposed by the client.

Metria adopted the latest technology in utilising different VHR sensors and the image metadata to calculate bulding height utilising the angle information in the image metadata. By semi-automatic mapping of buildings then the 3D models are serived in user-friendly formats possible to view in Google Earth or other commonly used planning tools.

The obvious benefits using EO data include the possibility to map and monitor globally in short time frame. In may cases alternative image data simply do not exist to utilise for the 3D modelling. It may also be used for independent monitoring of sensitive areas in detail, eg re-contruction or identification of new buidings.

The utilisation of the results is mainly the rapid production of DSMs and DEMs as well as the city models used in planning. Easy-to use results as well as an efficient and flexible production including a mix of image data makes the products novel and independent and it is easily adapted to new sensors in the market.