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BALIZ is a geospatial industry analyst and provides strategic orientation (guidance and recommendations) to its clients on various matters such as geospatial business and technologies.

BALIZ is unique in the industry in the way that it offers exclusively counselling services, leaving to others the tasks of selling, producing, developing and integrating technologies, geodata and business processes.

BALIZ assists public or private organisations wishing to thrive on a better exploitation of geospatial solutions, whether it be implementation, integration or modernization of a geospatial solution.

BALIZ is an independent company and works for its clients in order that they can make informed decisions and take advantage of the geospatial dimension.

Head Office Location Canada
Address 2960, boulevard Laurier, Bureau 040-12, Quebec, QC, Canada
Telephone +1 418-353-3534
Main area of activities
  • Downstream / GIS services (main business not in EO but using satellite data)
  • Hardware/software
Name Vaillancourt, Luc
Position title Manager
Telephone +1 418-353-3534
EOservice Description Service Type Market

Global coverage in the following sectors: News, Media & Education, Science & Technology
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Assess damage from earthquakes Forecast and map large waves Detect and monitor wildfires Detect sensitive security risks Forecast and assess landslides Monitor high risk areas Assess and monitor volcanic activity
  • News and Media

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