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CAPTEC is an Irish-owned, high-technology software company founded in 1979. Its headquarters are located in Malahide, north of Dublin. Its field of specialisation lies in the production of advanced software for use in Aerospace, Aeronautics, Industrial and Medical Imaging markets.

CAPTEC is experienced in handling major industrial projects and working with international consortia. The company has a work ethic that is in harmony with the culture of its large corporate clients.

The CAPTEC organisation includes functions for marketing, commerce, development, quality assurance, research and support. Its principal fields of activity are:

  • Software development for critical systems
  • Image Processing and Compression Products development
  • Applications development
  • Independent Software Verification and Validation for critical systems
  • Sale and licensing of CAPTEC developed products and technology

Head Office Location Ireland
Address 3, St. James' Terrace, Malahide, Co. Dublin, Ireland
Telephone +353-1-8450921
Main area of activities
Name Kennedy, Dr. Fred
Position title Manager
Telephone +353-1-8450921

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