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HERMESS is a privately owned company developing and providing innovative solutions on environmental issues to the offshore, coastal and harbour sector. Close links with research institutes, universities and being backed up by the maritime industry ensures that the latest techniques and services are available for our clients.

Our staff include highly qualified physicists, mathematicians, information technology engineers and coastal engineers, having many years of experience in the coastal and oceanographic sector.

HERMESS is specialised in processing radar, optical and acoustics measurements, numerical modelling, assimilation of measurements in models and the development of marine environmental information services and decision support systems.

HERMESS was founded in 2013 and is located in the Geomatics Business Park in Marknesse, the Netherlands .


Demand for metocean services is growing with the expansion of offshore activities. Measurement stations, buoys and ships can never adequately cover the full span of the ocean. Therefore, the role of satellite enables services is growing. HERMESS is able to offer a unique range of services at a competitive price.

*HERMESS provides expertise and data related to the marine and coastal environment to support operations, engineering, and management of natural resources.

Our current solutions include: Access, cross-calibration and quality control of oceanographic data. Numerical modelling of tides and sea surface waves. Operability analysis. Site-specific design criteria studies. Remote sensing services. Coastal mapping and monitoring. Contract research and software development services.

Wave and wind forecasting
Accurate wave and wind forecasts are crucial to minimise risks and optimise efficiency of maritime operations. To foresee in this need HERMESS provides offshore and nearshore forecasts worldwide. To get the most consistent results the wind field data that drive the model are corrected and updated with satellite measurements. Furthermore we are offering the opportunity to fine-tune the local forecast by making use of local measurements.

Large area bathymetric
For many applications requiring bathymetric information, conventional acoustic techniques are simply too expensive.
HERMESS offers a unique service by processing satellite imagery to chart the depth of shallow seas and to map seabed structures like sand waves and banks and monitor their evolution.

Planning of operations
For tendering and planning of operations at sea, you need to know the feasibility of your planning and design as well as an assessment of the risks associated with the operation. Weather (waves and wind) is an important factor to consider. Cost can run up high while waiting for workable weather and an increase in wave height at a critical stage may have serious consequences. HERMESS provides a range of services to support you in assessing the probabilities of downtime or a serious interruption.

Head Office Location Netherlands
Address Voorsterweg 28 8316PT Marknesse
Telephone +31 527 745070
Main area of activities
  • Consultancy (studies / analyses which are not VA services and other support activities)
Name Hesselmans, Gerard
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Telephone +31 527 745 073
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Bathymetric Mapping and Monitoring

Knowledge of the sea bottom topography is essential for activities such as shipping, fishing, dre…

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Map water depth
  • Fisheries
  • Maritime
  • Oil and gas
Wave and wind forecasting

Accurate wave and wind forecasts are crucial to minimise risks and optimise efficiency of maritim…

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Map water depth Monitor wave exposure Forecast and monitor ocean winds and waves Detect and monitor oil slicks Detect and monitor oil slicks/pollution Monitor ship movements Monitor ice-free passages for shipping Forecast and monitor ocean movement and drift Map and monitor of wind energy (wind farms)
  • Oil and gas
  • Maritime
  • Alternative Energy
  • Fisheries

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