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IABG is a leading European technology enterprise. IABG’s geodata service can support and advise you on all issues related to geodata or geoinformation. We can capture, process, analyze and visually present geodata from any source(s). We can generate two- or three-dimensional vector data, municipal land registry data, digital city models, terrain models and orthophoto mosaics. In our ultra-modern geodata production facilities in Dresden, we have put together the perfect team and infrastructure for handling even the most comprehensive projects. IABG researches, procures and utilizes high-resolution satellite data (e.g. from Quickbird, Ikonos, Spot, Rapid Eye, TerraSAR-X, etc.) to extract topographies, conduct stereo photogrammetric surveys and generate precise terrain models. We also use this data to create orthophotos and carry out image classification.

Head Office Location Germany
Address Einsteinstrasse 20, 85521 Ottobrunn, Germany
Telephone +49 89 6088-0
Main area of activities
  • Hardware/software
Name SchÄfer, Jörg
Position title Department Manager Geodata /Geomatics/Geodata Factory
Telephone 49.89.6088.2399

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