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Kongsberg Spacetec (KSPT)

The company Kongsberg Spacetec (KSPT) is a leading company within ground station systems for Earth observation satellites. Our business focus is on delivery of meteorological turnkey ground stations and value added applications, environmental and surveillance ground stations systems and value added applications, system engineering, training, maintenance and support. KSPT provide multi-mission, flexible and modular systems for acquisition, archiving, processing, analysis and distribution of meteorological and radar (SAR) data.

Kongsberg Spacetec provides:

Antennas Demodulators Receivers Ground station control Meteorological receiving stations Value-added products such as ship and oil detection
Head Office Location Norway
Address Kongsberg Spacetec AS Prestvannveien 38, P P.O.B. 6244, NO-9292 TROMSO, Norway
Telephone +47 77 66 08 00
Main area of activities
  • Data Reception and distribution (owner or operator of a ground station)
  • Hardware/software
Position title
Telephone +47 77 66 08 00

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