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SSBV Aerospace & Technology Group Flag from NL

SSBV Aerospace & Technology Group is a technology driven, Dutch-led organisation, active in the domains of (Aero)Space and Defence & Security.

The company develops and provides products and (sub)system solutions based on the in-house and group-based technology, skills and facilities.

Among other specialisations, SSBV provides high-speed modems, data ingestion & processing systems and software, as well as smallsat-based sensors and subsystems.

SSBV is currently leading the development of smallsat-compatible Synthetic Aperture Radar technology, PanelSAR, offering an unprecedented price/performance ratio to enable low-cost SAR missions and constellations.
In co-operation with platform partners, also a complete (SAR) satellite level solution can be offered.

SSBV is also developing a Ground Station Network (GSN), comprising a number of Ground Stations across the globe, equipped with SSBV’s latest ground systems.

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Head Office Location Netherlands
Address Huygensstraat 44, Space Business Park, 2201 DK Noordwijk The Netherlands
Telephone +31 717 5151 80
Main area of activities
  • Data Reception and distribution (owner or operator of a ground station)
  • Hardware/software
Name Lebek, Monika
Position title Marketing | SSBV Aerospace & Technology Group
Telephone +31 71 751 51 80

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