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SSF Prague s.r.o. Flag from CZ

SSF is a systems engineering and software development company located in Espoo, Finland and Prague, Czech Republic. We support our customers in designing and developing complex industrial applications such as data processing systems, control systems and test automation solutions.

We provide services for leading customers in machinery, medical, space, defense, and nuclear industries. We are especially prominent in industries where lifecycle and quality management as well as safety and security are critical.

Our customers contract us to deliver their high reliability systems faster to the market. We strongly believe in ease of service and excellence in everything we deliver to our customers.

Head Office Location Czech Republic
Address Ve Struhách 27 16000 Praha 6, Czech Republic
Telephone +420 608 716 932
Main area of activities
  • Hardware/software
Name Stefl, Daniel
Position title Managing Director
Telephone 608716932
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