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TERRASIGNA is a Romanian company delivering worldwide EO monitoring services and applications based on the analysis, processing and interpretation of different type of Earth Observation data. Its products and applications serve a wide pool of public and private national, European and international clients: national public authorities, space agencies, international financial institutions, private companies. The company offers innovative solutions for environmental monitoring and risk assessment, based on different techniques of: knowledge extraction from heterogeneous Earth Observation data, data mining in large time series satellite imagery databases or spatial and semantic object recognition and annotation. To name some of the application domains addressed: agriculture, forestry, urban development, marine / coastal, wetlands, critical infrastructure monitoring. TERRASIGNA also offers its clients desktop and web applications and platforms for geospatial data management (satellite images, maps, surveys, digitized content).

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Head Office Location Romania
Address 3, Logofat Luca Stroici, 020581, Bucharest, Romania
Telephone +40 21 313 33 14
Main area of activities
  • Consultancy (studies / analyses which are not VA services and other support activities)
  • Downstream / GIS services (main business not in EO but using satellite data)
  • Hardware/software
  • Value adding services (company uses satellite data to generate products)
Name Costea, Anca
Position title Manager, Policies, Strategies and International Cooperation
Telephone + 40-21-313-3314
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EOservice Description Service Type Market
Coastal monitoring

Solutions addressing the coastal environmental challenges, the status and the vulnerability of co…

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Monitor quality / producivity Monitor pollution in rivers and lakes Assess changes in the carbon balance Map water depth Assess environmental impact of human activities Monitor wave exposure Map and assess Flooding Assess changes in land use and quality Monitor coastal ecosystem Assess and monitor coastal water quality Forecast and monitor ocean winds and waves Detect and monitor oil slicks Monitor of land pollution Assess dredging operation impacts Forecast and monitor ocean movement and drift Monitor pollution at sea Assess and monitor water quality Assess ground water and run-off
  • Maritime
  • Travel, Tourism and Leisure
  • Utilities
  • Enviroment, Pollution and Climate
EO service - Urban planning

Solutions for detecting and monitoring ground deformation and infrastructure stability for urban …

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Monitor construction and buildings Assess environmental impact of human activities Measure ground motion Detect & monitor land movement, uplift, subsidence, heave. Forecast and assess landslides Measure land use statistics
  • Construction
  • Emergency Services

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