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New solutions from the Earth Observation

For many years, a dearth of reliable information regarding global oil inventories meant that oil traders and market analysts lacked the full picture when making trading decisions. In response, Geospatial Insight developed TankWatch to provide the market with precise, near real-time insight into above ground oil storage for any location worldwide, enabling better price risk management options and enhanced decision-making capabilities. The service is built upon on a satellite-based approach to deliver frequent and regular information reports across global oil storage tanks sites, providing a unique insight into global oil inventories and reserves, tailored to meet the needs of oil traders and analysts by combining very high-resolution satellite imagery with GSI’s proprietary analytics software.

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Generally, arrival time assessments are based on the distance to port and the mean speed of the ship. Our service takes into account the wind, wave, and current conditions during the trip and the effects that they have on the speed.

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Very high-resolution satellite images can effectively support the monitoring of water quality during dredging activities for the installation of new off -shore infrastructures.

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e-GEOS, an ASI/ Telespazio company, has developed an advanced persistent scatterer interferometry approach, named Persistent Scatterer Pairs (PSP) – IFSAR, an original solution to the main limitations of classical techniques in the accurate determination of terrain displacement. The e-GEOS PSPIFSAR high-performance processing chain provides PS measurements over large areas.

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The tropical rain forests round the sprawling Maya site of Calakmul (Mexico) was recognised as natural world heritage site at the UNESCO summit held in Qatar in June. Calakmul joined the select circle of places that can call themselves “mixed cultural and natural world heritage” sites. This new recognition was made possible thanks to an advanced information system for heritage sites, made in Belgium.

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In 2010, Qatar Shell Upstream International B.V. re-entered exploration in Qatar by focusing on the relatively deep conventional Pre-Khuff gas. In order to support Qatar Shell with the execution of onshore and offshore seismic programs, extensive use was made of satellite imagery to derived added values products such as shallow water bathymetry, seabed classification and onshore digital elevation models. Mapping the 740 sq km offshore area using satellite derived bathymetry resoluted in significant time and cost savings, and mitigated HSSE risks. The satellite imagery products were revealed as a key technology in aiding the planning and preparation of the seismic surveys. Figure: Hillshaded view of the Multi-beam echosounding survey data (left MBES, acquisition year: 2003) and overlapping subset of the satellite bathymetry data (middle, acquisition year 2010) and the colour coded difference values between the two datasets (right). Blue to red indicates -ve to +ve elevation change. Annotations indicate features of interest, such as the pipeline trench. © Qatar Shell Upstream International B.V and EOmap

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AnsuR Technologies AS 1

Airbus Defence and Space 3

GIM nv 1

Vexcel Corporation Inc. 1

e-geos 1

Flyby s.r.l. 1

TRE ALTAMIRA (A CLS group company) 1

AeroGRID Ltd 1

Planetek Italia srl 3

Metria AB 3

Planet gmbh 2


SCISYS Deutschland GmbH 2


Geospatial Insight 1

VITO nv 1

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