angle-left null Land Cover Analysis
Mapping, Feature extraction, Monitoring

Land Cover Analysis

10m resolution digital land cover anlaysis with 13 different land cover classes. Derived automatically from free Sentinel 2 imagery which provides global coverage and a 5 day refresh cycle.

Floods; Inland Water; Land Ecosystems; Geology; Forests; Infrastructure

Product Description

LCA stands for Land Cover Analysis and is used to provide an up to date, digital overview of what covers the surface of our earth split out into 10 key land cover classes. The LCA is often the first step in many environmental monitoring or site selection processes.

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Delivery Mode
  • Delivery via secure FTP on Spottitt geoportal workspace. From there analysis can be downloaded in .dxf or .shp file format.
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Date of Publication
01 Mar 2018


Land cover analysis based on recent satellite imagery – a date stamped image doesn’t lie. Automated land cover anaysis ready in only 4-8 hours. Cost effective, exact pricing depends on subscription chosen. Spottitt geoportal provides all the benefits of cloud based storage and sharing – no more WeTransfer

Payment Model
Price starting from
from 1.50 Euro per km2 Cost effective, exact pricing depends on subscription chosen.

Technical Specification

Deliverable spatial resolution
6.0 - 10.0 m depending on source imagery
Deliverable accuracy vertical
Deliverable accuracy horizontal
Deliverable raster layers
  • Can be downloaded as .dxf file
Deliverable vector layers
Deliverable Accuracy
  • Can be viewed in Spottitt geoportal and downloaded as .dxf and .shp file formats
Deliverable datamodel
Deliverable datum
Pseudo Mercator EPGS: 3857
Datum translator
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End date of acquisition

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