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Satellite-derived Bathymetry

Satellite-derived bathymetry is a state-of-the-art method for detailed mapping of shallow coastal areas, where unlike field-based surveys this solution has a quick turnaround, no health and safety issues and requires no permits. Since it is based on satellite information it is also ideal for remote areas and harsh environments. The method is able to map water depth down to 8 m at high and low tide in 2m, 10m and 90m resolution, depending on your project requirements.

Coastal; Fisheries; Map water depth or charting; Oil and Gas; Maritime

Product Description

A cost-effective method for accurate water depth mapping of the worlds shallow coastal areas based on high resolution satellite images. The method is globally applicable.

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01 Jan 2017


The coastal zone and shallow off-shore areas are some of the most dynamic regions around the world with constantly changing geography. Monitoring and mapping these coastal environments is therefore critical to environmental studies, construction activities such as harbours and pipelines as well as other critical infrastructure

Payment Model
Price starting from
from 2600 €. 2m: 100 88,6 €/sqkm, 10m: 8,9 €/sqkm

Technical Specification

Deliverable spatial resolution
2.0 - 10.0 m
Deliverable accuracy vertical
10% depth of water column +/- 0.5m vertical accuracy (LE90)
Deliverable accuracy horizontal
2m/10m CE90 horizontal accuracy
Deliverable raster layers
  • 2 layers: water depth map + quality layer
Deliverable vector layers
  • Depth contour
Deliverable Accuracy
 10 – 20% of depth
  • XYZ ASCII, GeoTIFF or any other format
Deliverable datamodel
Deliverable datum
WGS84 & Geoid
Datum translator
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