angle-left null WindSight - First class input data for wind energy models

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WindSight - First class input data for wind energy models


The cost and financing of new wind energy projects on land depends on the Annual Energy Production (AEP) and how accurate it can be estimated. High quality input data for modeling the AEP is valuable for the wind energy industry prior to wind farm construction.


WindSight is a suite of novel EO-based products for characterization of the land surface roughness and topography anywhere in the world. Together with state-of-the-art flow modeling tools for wind energy planning and prospecting, WindSight can replace current procedures for land surface characterization, which are based on manual assessment, coarse global data sets, or costly airborne measurement campaigns.


  • Better understanding of users' needs and more suitable solution thanks to co-design approach
  • Provision of sustainable EO data and derived products
  • Improved decision making and planning