A Marketplace between
Earth Observation Industry & Users

EOpages is a marketplace between the Earth Observation Service Industry & Users. EOpages shows the capabilities of the geo-information industry in general and value-adding companies in particular.
The objective of EOpages is to help potential customers explore the available value-added geo-information services of interest to them in a new and user-friendly way.

More info about the project


Services is an easy, three-step process, guided search to access our exhaustive information repository on the EO industry.


Companies contains the latest contact information of the EO industry. The online Address Book is easy to use, simply selecting and choosing the relevant categories or tags.


EOmarket is a customise section where Users contact directly Industry looking for product's technical characteristics, applications, availability, resources, etc…

Success Stories

Some examples of recent Success Stories resulting from EO industry development activities.


The news section aims to provide a quick access to the top stories. We provide information for stakeholders and users about the capabilities of the information value added services.

About EOpages

EOpages is a brokerage platform to help potential customers find suppliers whilst service providers will be able to promote their products.